Creek Dubai Mosque

Dubai- UAE


Competetion - Full Work


"The Mosque is a place to be in, not to go to."
Since the beginning of Islam, the mosque has been blended with the city's identity telling its story.



In Dubai, confronting the most important tower in the world, the magnificent character of the location called the need of a revolution to how the mosque should be or

even how the prayer call should be!.


going to the basics of the mosque's visual perception, it contains two main elements, the dome, and the minaret. The responsibility of the located space is to make a

world landmark mosque reflecting an innovative way of prayer calling by merging the creek tower with a big laser intersection hologram dome giving a city scale

mosque visual perception at night (Ishaa' and Maghrib prayer).



All within a modern minimal pure design that combines all the elements of the mosque in one place without sacrificing the functionality and sustainability.

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