Pangea Skyscraper

Evolo Magazine


Continued urban expansion and the demand for land and people trying to get close with each other to facilitate

various aspects of life, other reasons like the infrastructure requirement, speed of transportation and delivery, finding commercial and service centers, for that was the use of high-rises buildings.


But that situation create a group of problems and with the high density of population and the increase of users in each

city make the number of high building increases as well, so each city get their skyscrapers as the need they want.


The rising up was not enough they get back and expand horizontally which means the need for more lands but that

won’t be a problem unless the lands were used as green lands, and it would be worse if the country suffers from a lack of green lands.
The most important thing in our skyscraper was how to solve the extension of the building without make any effect on the green lands, if we notice any building will be construct needs an area of land and that mean to eliminate the old use of it, so we raise the land up and lat the buildings go down and so we keep the origin lands and create another one above it. And in this way, we decrease the surface runoff of rainwater caused by urbanization.


The other part was to connect any two close parts of separated lands not just by a bridge or ferry but with another

a city so we can have a cultural, economic and political connection.