Amman Design Week 2016

Amman- Jordan


Urban Intervention Project


Supported by the Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania - Cultural Corridor Revitalization Present working with the Greater Amman Municipality on improving the urban design and livability of Amman's downtown. Through an intensive exercise of a collection, mapping, and designing suggestions for interventions, we aim to introduce a functional and usable urban design system to be implemented 
before Amman Design Week, taking place in May 2016. 

Amman  Design  Week is  an  annually  recurring  holistic  and  inclusive  experience  that encourages  the  growth  of  the  design  industry,  stimulates  learning  and  innovation,  and 
celebrates talent and experimentation. The first iteration of Amman Design Week aims to build  a  citywide  platform  that  encourages  design  thinking  and  establishes  Amman  as
aleading  hub  for  the  cross pollination  of  local  and  international  communities  and  ideas. Design  Week  offers  a  program  of  events,  workshops,  conferences,  exhibitions,  talks, 
discussions, and business and networking opportunities.

Being a part of Amman Design Week Designers team involved me in the urban design world, with a new way to understand the urban context and the public spaces through times and how its evolving with it, carrying a deep beautiful story to the place that we should consider on it while planning to the future.