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Jordanian Architect born in 1990, who possesses the design and development flair needed that got him into a variety of architecture and urban schemes in Jordan, Qatar, UAE, India, Kenya, Spain and France.


Given a long track record of achievements being part of successful design teams and having numerous competitions and challenges in High towers, Sustainable, Futuristic, Heritage architecture, and industrial design.


Inspired by nature and surroundings and genuinely believes that "every space speaks out for itself and we must listen".


Honors & Awards​

Bunyan organization

Appreciation Excellent

Jordan Engineering Association

Outstanding Effort Award

Philadelphia University

Appreciation Excellent

Evolo Magazine

Selected for publication in 2014 & 2015

Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human D

1st Prize in JO-GREEN 2012

Jordanian Architects Society

Outstanding tender

Jordan Engineering Association

Certificate of appreciation

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Best Design Award

Jordan Engineering Association

Creativity degree in the Scientific field


Appreciation of Participation in Product Design Competition


3rd Prize in Design Challenge Day

Ezdan Holding

Certificate of Excellence

Amman Design Week

Appreciation Excellent

Shatat Architects

Appreciation Excellent


Work History

Shatat Architects Consulting Engineers

Jun/14 – Present

Omar Shatat Architects

Irbid / Amman-Jordan
Principle Architect


Create building designs and highly detailed drawings.
Applying for planning permission and building permits from governmental and legal departments. adapting plans according to circumstances and resolving any problems that may arise during construction Negotiating with contractors and other professionals. Working closely with a team of other professionals such as building service engineers, construction managers 
project’s requirements and technical specifications. and quantity surveyors.
Maintains project schedule by monitoring project progress, coordinating activities and resolving problems
.Travelling regularly to building sites, proposed locations and
client meetings.

Luring Design

July/20 – Present


Orlando - Florida
Design Partner

Digital Design and fabrication operating with product developments and research for new materials and methods especially in 3d printing technology including PLA, ABS, SLS printing, and more.



Intermediate Architect

Revoked a four-year labor contract because of the restraints in traveling and visa issues to china due to the COVID pandemic.

Gianni Ranaulo

May/19– May/20


Dubai - UAE / Paris - France
Design Architect

Create designs and research for new construction projects, alterations, and redevelopments within GRD philosophy using the latest technology and materials available for the highest level of architectural product that can be approached.

Meta/Arch Pvt Ltd

April/17– April/19

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 12.42.02

Pune-India / Dubai - UAE
Project Architect

Modern Design Conceptualization, Exterior, and Interior Designing
Create algorithm designs and design development
Production of 
high-level drawings of design and construction, Design office workflow
coordinator Urban Planning and space analyzing, Modeling and Rendering still shots and walkthrough videos

Amman Design Week ​


Amman Design week


Urban Designer

working with the Greater

Amman Municipality on improving the urban design and livability of Amman's downtown.


Through an intensive exercise of collection, mapping, and designing suggestions for interventions, aimed to introduce a functional and usable urban design system to be implemented before Amman Design Week, taking place in May 2016.



Ezdan Holding 

Sep/13 – Nov/13

Ezdan Holding


Intern Architect

Giving new ideas and designs for a real estate development company that focuses on multi-family residential projects, including urbanism analysis.


Workshops & Lectures



Architectural softwares